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capability In fast growing knowledge industries like Outsourcing & Offshoring, speed & sustained to attract high quality talent are important ingredients for business success. In a preferred offshoring destination like India, on-boarding superior talent has become the biggest challenge for the HR leadership. Typical challenges organizations face on the resourcing front are:

  • How to reduce friction in the talent supply chain and cut time-to-hire without compromising on
    talent quality?
  • How to leverage non-conventional talent sources for improved response time and lowered
  • How to maintain variability in Human Resources cost and align it with volatile business demand?
  • While making HR policies homogenous, how to meet the wide spectrum of skill demands and maintain healthy cost structures?

To meet these resourcing challenges, HR leadership is obliged to innovate on employment contracts. In response, smarter organizations are fast
adopting contract staffing as credible & effective talent sourcing channels. Having said that, dealing with various staffing solutions bring its own challenges. Fragmented market is making it difficult for organizations to select the right staffing partner. Lack of professional approach 
and transparency in the staffing ecosystem is causing trust deficit among the workforce leading to low morale and high levels of attrition. 

Additionally, lack of controls and ad-hoc approach to compliance requirements by staffing partner can expose IT organizations to legal, financial and reputational risks. Hence, organizations need a staffing partner that can meet their tactical as well as strategic business needs

Elite Professionals is a staffing company founded by senior industry professionals coming from reputed international companies like Accenture, Atos Origin, Digital, Sapient and Tatas. Our past experience and consulting lineage gives us advantages over other players in attracting & retaining high quality talent. In addition, our professional approach, high ethical standards and transparent business practices offer unparalleled experience to all the involved stakeholders.

Our robust technology platform provides end-to-end automation of talent management processes. 

Our Differentiators

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:

Work fewer hours — and make more money

Attract and retain quality, high-paying customers

Manage your time so you’ll get more done in less time
Hone sharp leadership skills to manage your team
Cut expenses without sacrificing quality
Automate your business, so you can leave for days, weeks, or even months at a time

Innovative Staffing Solutions For High Performing Organizations

Staffing for Defined Duration

To meet the project specific needs of our client’s businesses, we offer staffing solutions for a predefined duration. To meet this demand, we work closely with our client’s team to identify the right kind of talent on our payroll and staff them on client assignments for a predefined period. While our consultants work as part of client teams to deliver desired business results, we take care of their employment benefits, HR concerns and career development needs.

Staffing for Long Term

Due to the need for optimizing the HR policies, controlling on-roll headcount and other strategic reasons, organizations want to fulfil few roles exclusively from the staffing channel. Even consultants working in staffing mode prefer to work with these organizations over other employers as it provides them high performing learning environment and attractive employment benefits.

To meet these demands, Elite Professionals works with our client’s team to identify the right kind of talent on our payroll and staff them on client assignments. While our consultants work as part of client teams to deliver desired business results, we take care of their employment benefits, HR concerns and career development needs.

Our employee friendly policies, rigor in performance management and transparent business practices ensure that the right kind of talent remain available to client teams with minimal attrition risk.

Contract To Hire

Organizations looking for high quality employees, leverage contract-to-hire as one of the talent acquisition channels. It not only provides them faster response to recruitment needs but offers an opportunity window to check mutual compatibility. Results are lower hiring errors, accurate compensation benchmarking and higher employee satisfaction.

To meet these demands, Elite Professionals acts as an efficient fulfilment partner. Acting on behalf of clients, we identify the right consultants on our payroll and deploy them on client projects. The client retains the right to hire the consultants on to client payroll after a mutually agreed period of time and terms.

Hired to Outsourced

In order to meet their strategic and tactical needs, organizations can work with Elite Professionals by moving their existing staff on to Elite Professionals payroll. Under this service, Elite Professionals will execute a three party staffing contract providing specific value to all the stakeholders while meeting the necessary compliance needs. While our robust HR processes and performance management help in meeting the career aspirations of consultants, our clients get uninterrupted services from the same set of team members.

Express Staffing

Any large contract win or sudden attrition of key resources can be a challenging situation from the staffing perspective. While non-core roles can wait to be staffed through conventional channels, it is the core staffing that demand rapid response.


Express staffing is a unique service by to Elite Professionals with an objective to ensure rapid response by leveraging industry alliances. Our large team of resource managers have deep relationships across industry players and, on express needs, leverages those relationships for talent fulfilment. to Elite Professionals structures three party contracts between client, to Elite Professionals and talent supplier where consultant is made available for a defined period of time.